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via DSL or Broadband

Access to the Internet not only should work reliably and rapidly, but also benefit from sustaining price decline and competition between providers. We find solutions, according to your needs.


Save money making phone calls
at home and on the road

Solutions for telephony are getting closer to each other. Calls abroad become easy and affordable, thanks to attractive offerings via VOIP and dialing rules, available easily, without pre-dialing yourself. Or you are using your mobile at all times, with no need for a landline number any more - with the same cost as using a landline number


Your own website
Community, Blog, Gallery

Businesses without presence on the web are hard to imagine today. We see many basic solutions, merely offering contact information. We adapt your existing website - or construct a complete new one. You want more than a business card on the web? We support you.

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Your web shop?
Payments, Merchandise Information System (MIS)

Shopping online gets more popular every day. You want to service customers outside your area? Looking for support to connect your online shop with your MIS? Or processing payments? We support you.



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